Moto 360 Charging Image Retention

There have been some reports on the web about issues with regards to the charging image the Moto 360 displays and image retention along with possible burn-in. In short, the Moto 360 displays a largely static image that shows the percent charged when placed in the charger. Since this image is displayed for several hours with minor changes there is the possibility of image retention occurring and in extreme cases burn-in.

Unfortunately Android Wear doesn’t have an option to turn off the screen while charging. While there are a few programs that purport to do this, what they really do is throw up a black image but the screen is still on. While this does eliminate the image retention issue, it’s by no means ideal.

The only way I have found to reliably disable the screen while charging is to use the following sequence of steps:

  1. Place watch on charger
  2. On your phone, open the Android Wear app, go into Settings and enable Ambient Screen by clicking the check box
  3. Wear 2 or 3 seconds then disable it
  4. Watch screen should now be off

While this solution works well, you do have to do these steps every time you place the watch on the Charger. Hopefully Google will add an options for this top Wear in a subsequent version.

Here’s a screen shot showing the Ambient Screen setting:




Borderlands 2 and Linux

The Borderlands 2 port for Linux was released this week and was on sale for $5 initially so I couldn’t resist picking up a copy. I fired up the game last night and played for a couple of hours, this is a quality port for Linux. On my laptop under Arch Linux and with an Nvidia 860m the game played flawlessly at 1920×1200 with good framerate and smooth play. The only issue I had was a bit of audio stuttering during the opening movie sequence but the game itself ran great.

I highly recommend this game for Linux and well worth picking up, particularly if you have Nvidia hardware.