Intel 7260, TLP and Intermittent Bluetooth Mouse

When I purchased my new laptop I opted for the Intel 7260 wifi/bluetooth card because I really wanted to get the ac wifi speeds and drop powerline networking which has been somewhat disappointing in terms of reliability in my house. I use a Bluetooth mouse, specifically a Razer Orochi (great mouse BTW) and while it worked great on my Sony Vaio Z on the 7260 it would disconnect every so often and finally stop working at all within 15 minutes or so.

After some troubleshooting, I realized the issue was with the TLP power saving package in that it would put the adapter to sleep. Fortunately TLP is very easy to configure and the solution was to simply blacklist the 7260 USB device. Now given that the 7260 is a PCI-E device I’m not sure why it is considered a USB device but perhaps it exposes a USB bus over PCI-E through which the wifi and bluetooth functions are exposed.

Anyways, modifying the /etc/default/tlp configuration to include the following device in the blacklist was sufficient to correct the problem:


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